Wish Lists

Products, requirements and all around us are changing, so that if you’d like, write your ideas that follow changes into the wish list files. The files are open for editing (Hotmail registration might be requested).




2 responses

  1. […] Software testing automation based mostly on PowerShell Software testing using Powershell AboutBeware: Not a Blog :)Wish Lists […]

  2. Hello,
    First I want to thank you for this gem sir. your product is unique ,and I can only do something using your fantastic ui autoamtion with powershell. all the other products in market fail from autoit/autohotkey to pywinauto, Python-UIAutomation-for-Windows…etc

    I hope you can add powershell 6 support, now the net core 3 support wpf …etc

    thank you again sir for this gem. I don t have the words to thank you really.

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