Translators wanted


if you are intentional or occasional user of frameworks we are enlightening people as to, and you like our work and what we do, and you are also fluent in another language, you may become our mirror.

Conditions are simple: you should be a regularly updated mirror and inform us which posts you are going to translate (technologies are changing and some posts need revising). In exchange, your blog(s) will be listed on a special page here.

It’s also a requirement that your readers have a link to the original blog (it’s for everyone’s good as posts can be revised in case, for example, a parameter has been changed. Thus, mirror’s readers should have a link to the source).

That’s all, no more obligations.


It’s also possible and even welcomed if you use our slogan “Software Testing Using PowerShell” everywhere as we are spreading out the technology, the free technology, not products. The more people will be using PowerShell for software testing, the more products will be tested (bugs will be gone, the world will be cleaner, greater, better, B. Willis and J. Statham will save the world again and again, and so on).


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  1. 突然訪問します失礼しました。あなたのブログはとてもすばらしいです、本当に感心しました

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