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The new elements’ object model is out. A short intro

Many claim that it’s not so easy to decide which pattern cmdlet to use with a particular control. For long time we were tied to what Microsoft’s UI Automation outputs to us. However, there is a way to increase productivity: extension methods. Yes, they are not visible in PowerShell by default, nonetheless I’d like to offer an object model that grew from nothing else but extension methods.

To start, let’s page through the presentation, with binaries of 0.8.7 alpha 3 or higher in your hands. Enjoy!


PowerShell and Selenium go ahead of paid competitors

An interesting query can be seen at the indeed.com portal:

The demand for test automation engineers with QTP experience grows, whereas primordial WinRunner goes towards zero in popularity. TestComplete and Ranorex have never been more than outsiders, but there is also a surprise about TestManager.

I think that all non-enterprise test tools are simply less known to serious enterprise customers. The second cause may be here that an average HR manager does know TFS but not MTM.
Anyway, the strong marketing machine of Microsoft and the tight integration with Studio and TFS should help in MTM’s advancement.

Here, one hope takes place. As, first and foremost, a big ally of open source testing solutions, I’d like to predict that in several areas, namely Windows UI Automation, Web Automation, maybe Metro UI automation and, definitely, automation of labs of any kind, there will be a breakthrough of open source testing instruments.

Let’s see what we have now. Regarding Windows desktop automation, there are a lot of frameworks with the ability to test Win32, Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight applications. The only thing to perform a step to the mass-market is the need in a covering application that would embrace frameworks to an out-of-the-box solution. I mean a typical ‘download, set up and run’ and ‘click’n’play’ solution.

There are problems with third-party controls though. Nonetheless, we can now create an end-to-end testing solution on bare .NET or PowerShell (even me, just a tester, created one of such kind).

In the world of web automation, there is the unbeatable leader now. Supported by almost all browser vendors, Selenium is getting a standard tool for web-testing (and even going to become an official standard).

Well, the state of affairs seems to be very good, even though paid competitors struggle with FOSS. I’d like to think that one or more vendors of paid testing software will drop a free solution to the public within next two years. I don’t know, of course, whether it will be MTM Express, TestIncomplete or Ranorex UltraLite, but I believe that outsiders will act in this way too.

Happy testing with free solutions!

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