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Daily automation: show me the desktop

How to perform Win+D or Win+M with confidence? I mean, without using unreliable SendKeys and with return value. Nothing unusual, as there is the ‘Show desktop’ button.

Task: click on the ‘Show desktop’ button programmatically.

Requirements: use UIAutomation module to minimize all the windows without an exception.

Solution: there would be suggested a traditional way:

ipmo [path]\UIAutomation.dll;

Get-UIADesktop | Get-UIAButton -Name 'Show desktop' | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;

Nope, this does not work even if we are  running the PowerShell console window in the Minimized window state.

How can we fix the issue? Let’s use a Win32 click:

ipmo [path]\UIAutomation.dll;

Get-UIADesktop | Get-UIAButton -Name 'Show desktop' | Invoke-UIAControlClick;

This code works as expected, from a minimized console, from a normal console, from everywhere.

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