A bug in ISE

As I heard, there were a million test cases in PowerShell v. 1.0. In PowerShell ISE v. 3.0 I faced the following bug (a repeatable bug), on a Windows 8 x64 box:

1. In ISE have been opened several script modules.

2. ISE was closed

3. Two modules have been renamed (like XXXTestCasesIteration1.psm1 -> XXXTestCasesIteration01.psm1) and their folders were also renamed (i.e., XXXTestCasesIteration1\XXXTestCasesIteration1.psm1 -> XXXTestCasesIteration01\XXXTestCasesIteration01.psm1)

4. ISE was opened again and one of renamed files was called via Recent with a right (and a bit verbose) message box.

5. After that, I opened the Open menu item, a second thereafter ISE crashed.

After crash, it points (on selecting the Open menu item) to the %SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 folder (i.e., where the executable is situated).

How to repeat? I opened a file in a next to folder to renamed (to point the last folder to a similar place), performed steps 1-5 with the second module (i.e.,  XXXTestCasesIteration2\XXXTestCasesIteration2.psm1 -> XXXTestCasesIteration02\XXXTestCasesIteration02.psm1) and the answer from ISE was the same, crash. Arr!


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