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Sample scripts online

Have I not mentioned yet that all sample scripts are constantly available online? Scripts that are honored to be public are always put in the folder that is checked in to the source control. Here is the root of the samples folder:


For instance, UIAutomation samples are here:, TMX samples are here and so on.

Unfortunately, some scripts may become incompatible with the contemporary versions of binaries. Sometimes I refresh them, alternatively, you could initiate a pull request with a renewed version of a script.



A bug in ISE

As I heard, there were a million test cases in PowerShell v. 1.0. In PowerShell ISE v. 3.0 I faced the following bug (a repeatable bug), on a Windows 8 x64 box:

1. In ISE have been opened several script modules.

2. ISE was closed

3. Two modules have been renamed (like XXXTestCasesIteration1.psm1 -> XXXTestCasesIteration01.psm1) and their folders were also renamed (i.e., XXXTestCasesIteration1\XXXTestCasesIteration1.psm1 -> XXXTestCasesIteration01\XXXTestCasesIteration01.psm1)

4. ISE was opened again and one of renamed files was called via Recent with a right (and a bit verbose) message box.

5. After that, I opened the Open menu item, a second thereafter ISE crashed.

After crash, it points (on selecting the Open menu item) to the %SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 folder (i.e., where the executable is situated).

How to repeat? I opened a file in a next to folder to renamed (to point the last folder to a similar place), performed steps 1-5 with the second module (i.e.,  XXXTestCasesIteration2\XXXTestCasesIteration2.psm1 -> XXXTestCasesIteration02\XXXTestCasesIteration02.psm1) and the answer from ISE was the same, crash. Arr!

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