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Wow, Amazon published 578 cmdlets for AWS!

This is a great news! With this generously given module, we don’t need write cloud cmdlet by ourselves but concentrate on those things that are much more close to software testing!

I’ll put there the links the following blog post provides:


The AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell page:

User’s Guid






The hard fate of SePSX 0.4.8

The last month was a month of deep code restructuring. Experiments with the appropriate IoC (now, it’s Autofac), writing a number of fast tests, changing the chain of calls from cmdlet-code to cmdlet-command-code, all this stuff took time.

Things suddenly changed with yesterday’s Selenium 2.27. There were three of seven constructors broken in any driver server component (ChromeDriver, InternetExplorerDriver), and code has been changed significantly to avoid exceptions.

The last minute 2.27.1 fixes the issue, however, code of SePSX became more stressful to this type of issue. Selenium 2.27.1 is available as Beta 3 of 0.4.8.

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