PowerShell 3.0 with excellent support of localized cmdlets

Thinking about keyword-driven testing… This was the second time I did something inside UIAutomationAliases.dll.

The last time, I added some aliases like Get-Button to simplify readability. Today, I went further and added more aliases, for example, in Russian.

It was the shock, powershell.exe works with these cmdlets even though they are seen as question mark sets on my English Windows 8 RP:

What’s more, ISE fully supports them:

Intellisense also works:

All tests were performed in PowerShell 3.0 (Widnows 8 RP).



2 responses

  1. Спасибо за Ваш блог. Но что то ссылки на скачивание библиотеки не видно..

    1. The library is normally included in the UIAutomation _.NET35_ package http://UIAutomation.CodePlex.com.
      However, what was posted has not been published yet.
      Note: this is an experimental library and not all cmdlets from the UIAutomation library are localized by now…

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