0.8.0 Preview 5 is available to download

UIAutomation 0.8.0 Preview 5 has been uploaded to

http://uiautomation.codeplex.com/releases/view/93646 .


Even though Preview 4 was to some extent working, we fixed several bugs that we allowed to pass to Preview 4.

  • if no control was found, the Win32 API (FindWindowEx) returned the full collection of controls with a handle – fixed
  • in a rare case when UIAutomation couldn’t find a window, the search was additionally performed by calling FindWindow. This ability has been broken in 0.8.0P4 – fixed
  • output of some cmdlets (used rarely) was broken (i.e., a hashtable was outputted as a collection of items) – fixed
  • the logical bug (that was explained in the previous post) with the turbo timeout auto-switching only on a ‘no window’ error was fixed by adding the -IsCritical parameter to Get-UIA[ControlType] and Wait- cmdlets

Now, UIAutomation cmdlets with new output pass tests for UIAutomation 0.8.0P3 with the old, restricted output.


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