0.8.0 Preview 4: no more restrictions on pipeline

In response to a request on the project forum, UIAutomation now supports outputting all the items that engine returns. How did it work earlier? Get-UIAWindow returned only one window, so did Get-UIA[ControlType] cmdlets.

How the most of traditional cmdlets work? Get-Process returns all the processes that match or simply all processes in the system. Get-ChildItem returns all the file system items in the current folder or wherever the -Path parameter said, if no filter supplied. Even Selenium cmdlets return all web elements that match a condition.

Thus, to meet standard practices, UIAutomation now returns all what match. Get-UIAWindow returns all ‘Calculator’ windows if the command a user issued was

Get-UIAWindow -Name calc*

Note that the [UIAutomation.CurrentData]::CurrentWindow variable (i.e. the current window is the last window object in the pipeline).
Get-UIAButton returns all buttons of the window if the least restrictive wildcard is given:

Start-Process calc -PassThru | Get-UIAWindow | Get-UIAButton -Name *

Pattern cmdlets (Invoke-, Get- and Set-) and Read- cmdlets accept such output. Even Get-UIA[ControlType] -Win32 parameter returns not the only object as earlier but all that match. Note that -Win32 does not understand types of controls and returns all whose names match the condition:

Start-Process calc -PassThru | Get-UIAWindow | Get-UIAButton -Name * -Win32 | Read-UIAControlName

The sample outputs names of all controls with handles.

Finally, if some of you readers wanted to click all the buttons at a time (I wanted), here is the script:

Start-Process calc -PassThru | Get-UIAWindow | Get-UIAButton -Name * | ?{ ($_ | Read-UIAControlName) -ne 'Close' } | Invoke-UIAButtonClick


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