What we do these days

Our readers may have imagined that the SoftwareTestingUsingPowerShell.com team is on vacation or got stuck in Selenium PowerShell eXtensions. The second thought would be partially right. Need to say that SePSX is not only our project at all and not only our concern now.

The goal of our current work is broader than just work for a couple of frameworks. What makes the UIAutomation cmdlets different from the majority of cmdlets? Here is the list:

  • post-cmdlet scriptblocks (actions) – on success
  • post-cmdlet scriptblocks (actions) – on error
  • automated writing of the test result, passed or failed
  • user-driven choice of what is the result
  • automated logging, including a fragment of code
  • painting a square around the outputted control, web element, etc
  • painting a square around its parent
  • automated management of the post-cmdlet delay, on success or on error

For this purpose, we are writing a library that provides a class derived from PSCmdlet. By deriving from this class, test cmdlets get all the functionality listed above.

When we finish, everybody will be able to create a PowerShell framework for a particular need with all testing capabilities we have in UIAutomation and SePSX modules.


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