0.8.0 Preview 3: bug fix and improvements to UIARunner

UIARunner from 0.8.0 Preview 2 has a bug that is easy to work around, but It is difficult to find out this workaround.

The bug in fact is a combination of two bugs:

  • UIARunner failed to load its autoexec file called UIARunner.ps1 if the application is in a folder with spaces in the path, i.e., Program Files. There weren’t added quotes.
  • error reporting in the grid couldn’t display the right error

Even though it’s avoidable, it’s better to publish 0.8.0 Preview 3. Now, it works as

  • The UIARunner.ps1 autoexec file can be loaded from any folder
  • Binaries (UIAutomation.dll and TMX.dll) are loaded before the autoexec script
  • Grid and the report file provide an error’s description, for example, execution policy is set to Restricted.

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