Test Case Management: filtering and sorting the results

Let’s start from yesterday’s script. I added the code that never would work: getting a non-existing window and finding the “10” button on Calculator. Here is the script:

ipmo [path]\TMX.dll
ipmo [path]\UIAutomation.dll
Start-Process calc
Get-UIAWindow -n calc* | Get-UIAButton -n 1 | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
Get-UIAWindow -n calc* | Get-UIAButton -n add | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
Get-UIAWindow -n calc* | Get-UIAButton -n 1 | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
Get-UIAWindow -n calc* | Get-UIAButton | Set-UIAFocus | Set-UIAControlKeys -Text "1{+}1{=}"

Get-UIAWindow -n "non-existing window" -Seconds 2
Get-UIAWindow -n calc* | Get-UIAButton -n 10 | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;

Stop-Process -Name calc

Export-TMXTestResults -As HTML -Path c:\1\calc_test_results_generated.htm

The three lines copy-pasted from yesterday’s post do exactly what they did yesterday: generate thirteen test results. What do the lines I added? The first line tries to get the window that’s rarely seen in the real life (you may compile one, though). The next line searches for the 10 button (that Microsoft declined to add to the tool, with very oblique explanation).

Okay, what should we expect? The instruction ‘Get-UIAWindow -n “non-existing window” -Seconds 2′ fails after two seconds’ time, so does ‘Get-UIAWindow -n calc* | Get-UIAButton -n 10’.

What does it mean for the whole test? These test cases (i.e., commands) are considered as most time-consuming (several queries to the Automaiton tree until the timeout ends this) and, no doubts, failed.

All the test results that failed can be pulled out with the following code:

Search-TMXTestResult -FilterFailed

The worst test result, considering as the worst a test result with the greatest time spent, can be scooped up with the following piece of code;

Search-TMXTestResult -FilterFailed -OrderByTimeSpent -Descending

Test results that are generated automatically have names based on the code. This leads us to the opportunity to filter test results by a code snippet or a keyword:

Search-TMXTestResult -FilterNameContains Button


Search-TMXTestResult -FilterNameContains 10

All that described are going to be available today as part of 0.8.0. Preview 1.


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