0.8.0 Preview 1: UIARunner for unattended tests

Today’s Preview 1 brings to us not only a new graphical test runner, it includes also command-line test runner: UIARunner for unattended runs.

Although this is a very preliminary version, it can be used to start clicking on your test app. How is this intended to work?

You simply run UIARunner.exe with one parameter, the path to a script with test code. Before a blind run, you can run it in the graphical version of UIARunner: UIARunner.exe. Don’t be afraid of incompatibility! Both utilities are proven on it. They are compatible to the greatest extent, they even is one utility as well.

Being run without the parameter, it displays the form:


The form provides us with date/time, status, name and/or source code of test results, and paths to screenshots if there were generated ones.

The command-line version creates a csv file in the folder of the program.

As examples for GUI-based and unattended runs, you may use scripts from folder TMX and UIARunner in the ‘samples’ package.



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