Metro automation: the first step

Visit our Metro UI automation page.

Yesterday, a customer was disappointed with the difficulty of installing the module. Although the UIAutomation module wasn’t guilty, it would be better to figure out how to install the module on your Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 host.

First of all, download the right package. Go to the project page and click the Downloads tab:

There, you need to download the package that is called as ‘UIAutomation X.Y.Z for Metro testing’:

Download the package with name like ‘’ and open it. Don’t put the content directly to the %ProgramFiles% folder! It won’t work. Security has been tightened even more (and it’s a good news for us), so that we need to do some preparations. Open the package where it was saved (supposedly, in your Downloads folder):

unpack the zip into your user’s folder, for example, Documents. I created the folder ‘Metro’ and paste the files to there. Open properties of dlls:

Now, you need to unblock the binaries one by one::

Eventually, you can copy all the files to a folder within the ‘Program Files’ hierarchy. If you had not unblocked the binaries, or tried to unblock in the ‘Program Files’ folder, your output in PowerShell console would look like that:

If you did all I wrote above, you output will be much cleaner:

The next step is to install the certificate as described here.


2 responses

  1. Suggestion: use new PS3 unblock-file to quickly unblock the files:
    get-childitem c:\metro | unblock-file

    1. Hi Hedge,
      thanks for your recomendation! I also know that some use streams.exe (ex-Sysinternals, now Microsoft’s). I’ll add this info to the documentation page.

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