0.8.0 Preview 1: ‘UIATools’ to split into two apps: UIAutomationSpy and UIARunner

Tomorrow’s 0.8.0 Preview 1 will introduce a new tool: UIARunner.exe. What is it and why we need more tools?

By now, UIAutomationSpy is overloaded with tabs and other controls. Intended initially to be a ‘UISpy for PowerShell’ tool, it has been covered with a number of controls. The reason was sad and simple: there were found no open-source PowerShell host that would be easy to make Metro-enables (i.e. uiAccess’ible).

Okay, UIAutomationSpy has and will have the following features:

  • code for a control we are hovering over (i.e. Get-UIAButton -Name ‘buttonname’) in the topmost rectangle on the Code/Control tab
  • patterns list the control supports – the second rectangle
  • code sequence through the Automation tree in the lowest rectangle. The code will be shortened as it’s done in the Start-UIARecorder cmdlet
  • the family tree of the control on the tab Code/Hierarchy
  • properties of the control on the Code/Properties tab
  • Start and Stop buttons and a check box to put the code from the topmost rectangle to the clipboard
  • the Script tab for generated code and to be able to run a piece of code to learn how it works. The tool is not intended to rn test suites!
  • ‘Run all’, ‘(Run) Selection’ and ‘Break’ buttons for running the whole script or its part
  • the Results tab is for the results the script brought
  • the Tree tab is now unneccessary as the tree is shown on the Code/Hierarchy tab

Not all tabs are completed.

UIARunner should do the following:

  • to load the initialization script UIARunner.ps1 from the directory of the tool
  • to tun a test script without GUI: UIARunner.exe [path]\script.ps1
  • to run a test script in the GUI mode. The user can open a script through the open File dialog, run and break the execution from the main menu.
  • later, there will be also a progress screen with script results or errors

Here is also not all the bullets completed.

That’s the nearest roadmap.





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