Release: version 0.7.12 that does work with Metro UI from UIAutomationSpy a bit more comfortable is out

Visit our Metro UI automation page.

Today, three hosts (Windows 8 RP x64, Windows 8 RP x86, Windows Server 2012 RC) agreed on that the version 0.7.12 is the version we can start with.
What we now can do for testing Metro UI applications?

  • we can start UIAutomationSpy manually and type or paste script code into it, or type a path to the script file. Automated run with preloaded code or script file is not done yet
  • we can show the Start screen (the Show-UIAMetroStartScreen cmdlet) from UIAutomationSpy
  • we can call charm (the Show-UIAMetroCharm cmdlet)
  • we also can call the app/ the Start screen menu (the Show-UIAMetroMenu cmdlet)
  • we can select an app at the Start screen (the Get-UIAListItem cmdlet issuing somewhat after the Get-UIADesktop cmdlet, as the Get-UIA[ControlType] cmdlets require input object)
  • we can start an app by sending an InvokePattern-click to it (the Invoke-UIAListItemClick cmdlet)

All that is mentioned above can be done with the version 0.7.12 and using existing blog posts.

Note: the UIASendKeys utility is deprecated. the Invoke-UIAHotkey is not recommended for use and will be rewritten soon.

Download 0.7.12 from here, the samples.


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