Metro automation: now, UIAutomationSpy displays more

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I’ve been working on a material for upcoming posts about Metro UI automation and found that it’s often inevident from where a control grows. I mean that any information about the immediate parent and the ancestry at all is a necessity for writing scripts.

With that said, a new version of UIAutomationSpy (sooner a half-version as it’s not the time to publish such small changes as a version) would be accepted by the public well.

Right now there is a version that displays the immediate parent’s code along with the code of a control you are observing.

Here we are hovering over the Start screen. The full path to a tile is shown in the lower rectangle:

The picture on the lower-left tile is a property of It shows that the president, the prime minister and the main speaker of the upper part of Duma are from the city I live in.  Above we’ve hovering over People, now we are hovering over Travel:

The upper-left tile informs us that I have a report on Family Safety. This is a report for an account I’m not related to in any respect. How to spy on somebody you even don’t know with the help from Microsoft, read here.

What is the main part of the Travel application made of?

After we opened the charm (Win+C):


Settings -> Feedback:

Dissecting a combo box:

Settings -> Share:

Settings -> Share -> Login to Evernote:

Finally, Settings -> Share -> Mail:

Don’t procrastinate the chance to test your Metro UI application, download it now.


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