Daily automation: peeling the onion

Sometimes, hit happens. It’s a shame to confess, but rarely even I recommend simple Win32 clicks. Today was the story about such clicks. A member of the test team, not a newcomer to UIAutomation and with thousands of test cases in the suite behind, the guy complained that Invoke-UIAControlClick (i.e., PostMessage) did not work!

I approached, and it didn’t work! The panic was spreading out among the testers, suggestions like ‘use mouse_event!’ or ‘revise the code!’ was hovering around the room.

The answer was simple. The Invoke-UIAControlClick cmdlet as well as the PostMessage/SendMessage Win32 call hits by control’s handle. We attempted to do the following:

Get-UIAWindow -n window_name | Set-UIAFocus | Get-UIATab -n tab_name | Invoke-UIAControlClick -X 500 -Y 125;

What the world was awaiting was:

Get-UIAWindow -n window_name | Set-UIAFocus | Get-UIATab -n tab_name | Get-UIAPane | Get-UIAPane | Get-UIAPane | Invoke-UIAControlClick -X 500 -Y 125;

Each control in this pipeline had a handle and there was no point to hit the tab if the link was on the lowest pane.
Layers are of almost the same size and put one over one. Even spy++ couldn’t help as nobody knew which layers was pointed to by the spy++ target cursor in order to collect messages.

Task: help to find the right level.

Requirements: write out the script that hit-tests every layer of controls and prints their handles.

Solution: below is the script that walks down the hierarchy and prints out handles of controls:

function hittest
 if ($element | Invoke-UIAControlClick -X $X -Y $Y) {
 Write-Host "The control has handle $($element | Read-UIAControlNativeWindowHandle)";

Get-UIAWindow -Name *window*name* | Set-UIAFocus | `
 Get-UIATab -Name *tab*name* | `
 Get-UIAControlDescendants | `
 %{hittest $_ 500 125;}

The script tries to click on each control and outputs the handle value. The Invoke-UIAControlClick cmdlet couldn’t decide was or wasn’t a click successful and returns $true if no crash were during the script execution.

Anyhow, you can use handles to get controls and click by handle in a cycle to find out the control you need.


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