A word of appreciation: Windows 8 accessibility performance improvements

Compared to runs on a Windows 7 x64 box as well as on a Windows 2008 SP2 x64 box, the same script from the post gave the great difference in the work with the FindAll call:

to get the AutomationElement corresponding to the Workstation service (at the bottom of the grid) through the FindFirst call takes the same time as to get this element by using FindAll with iteration through the collection.

If you ran the script on a Window 7 or Windows 2008 box, you probably noticed that the latter way is slower than the former as much  as several times.

On the opposite, on a Windows 8 CP x64 box and on a Windwos Server 8 Beta box, both times are almost equal.

Viva, Microsoft UI Automation team! You embedded something (I think it’s caching always ON) that greatly improved the performance of control collections.


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