Daily automation: the great mathematical enigma

You may have heard that beyond our little world of PowerShell and software testing boundaries many other things exist. For example, the mathematical theorems that are waiting for its solution. One of them is ‘what is the answer to the expression 2 + 2 / 2?’. I’m not a mathematician, you are perhaps too, so that what’s the reason to argue would it be 2, 3 or even 42?

Well, we are going only to test a program to confirm the readiness to such mathematical things. Meet the candidate: calc.exe!

Task: demonstrate how to test an application.

Requirements: use UIAutomation and TMX modules to report the results.

Solution: below is the code we run against the application under test (AUT):

ipmo [path]\UIAutomation.dll;
ipmo [path]\TMX.dll;

# Let's create a new test suite
# to clean up the data that are possibly out of the current interest
[UIAutomation.Mode]::Profile = [UIAutomation.Modes]::Presentation;
New-TMXTestSuite -Name 'Calculator testing' -Id calc;
Add-TMXTestScenario -Name 'Calculator menu' -Id calcmenu;
Add-TMXTestScenario -Name 'Caclucator simple calculations' -Id maths;

# start the application under test (AUT)
Start-Process calc -PassThru | Get-UIAWindow;
# now we've got the window in the
# [UIAutomation.CurrentData]::CurrentWindow variable

# set the initial state: Standard
Open-TMXTestScenario -Id calcmenu;
# we are going to save our test result regarding how the menu works here

# the main menu here is expandable/collapsible
# what can be learnt by issuing the following line of code:
# (Get-UIAMenuItem -Name View).GetSupportedPatterns()
Get-UIAMenuItem -Name View | `
 Invoke-UIAMenuItemExpand | `
 Get-UIAMenuItem -Name Standard | `
 Invoke-UIAMenuItemClick -TestResultName 'The Standard menu item is available' `
 -TestPassed -TestLog;
# the TestLog parameters logs the last line of code
# the TestPassed parameter informs that we have gotten the result we expected
# the TestResultName parameter gives the name to our test result
# test result Id is generated as we don't need to set it manually, this is just result

function calculateExpression
 # produce the input
 Get-UIAButton -Name 2 | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
 Get-UIAButton -Name Add | Invoke-UIAButtonClick -TestResultName "The Add button is clickable $($modeName)" -TestPassed;
 Get-UIAButton -Name 2 | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
 Get-UIAButton -Name Divide | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
 Get-UIAButton -Name 2 | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
 Get-UIAButton -Name Equals | Invoke-UIAButtonClick -TestResultName "The Equals button is clickable $($modeName)" -TestPassed;

# now we need to get the result
 # there is a difficulty: the name of a Text element (i.e., Label in .NET) is its value
 # okay, let's find all of them and our module highlight each
 #Get-UIAControlDescendants -ControlType Text | `
 # %{Get-UIAText -AutomationId $_.Current.AutomationId; `
 # sleep -Seconds 2; `
 # Write-Host "this was " $_.Current.Name $_.Current.AutomationId;}
 # the last, with Id = 158, is ours
 [int]$result = (Get-UIAText -AutomationId 158).Current.Name;

# we must determine where we are
# as testers, we never believe, we check
# you might, for example, investigate into the second level menu:
#Get-UIAMenuItem -Name View | `
# Invoke-UIAMenuItemExpand | `
# Get-UIAMenu | `
# Get-UIAControlChildren | `
# %{Write-Host $_.Current.ControlType.ProgrammaticName $_.Current.Name $_.Current.AutomationId;}

# the easy way is to simple calculate the buttons
# MS UI Automation never returns what it can't see (by design, as it is intended for screen readers)
# the Standard mode - 31
# the Statictics mode - 33
# the Programmer mode - 48
# the Scientific mode - 53
[string]$testResultName = 'The Standard mode is available';
# to ensure that after changing the mode
# we are working with the actual window
Get-UIAWindow -ProcessName calc;
if ((Get-UIAControlDescendants -ControlType Button).Count -eq 31) {
 Close-TMXTestResult -Name $testResultName -TestPassed;
} else {
 Close-TMXTestResult -Name $testResultName -TestPassed:$false;
 # do additional actions if needed

# now we are going to test calculations so that
# we are switching to appropriate scenario
Open-TMXTestScenario -Id maths;
[string]$modeName = 'in the Standard mode';

calculateExpression $modeName; # in the Standard mode

# test the same in the Scientific mode
Open-TMXTestScenario -Id calcmenu;
Get-UIAMenuItem -Name View | `
 Invoke-UIAMenuItemExpand | `
 Get-UIAMenuItem -Name Scientific | `
 Invoke-UIAMenuItemClick -TestResultName 'The Scientific menu item is available' `
 -TestPassed -TestLog;

# check the mode we are in now
$testResultName = 'The Scientific mode is available';
# to ensure that after changing the mode
# we are working with the actual window
Get-UIAWindow -ProcessName calc;
if ((Get-UIAControlDescendants -ControlType Button).Count -eq 53) {
 Close-TMXTestResult -Name $testResultName -TestPassed;
} else {
 Close-TMXTestResult -Name $testResultName -TestPassed:$false;
 # do additional actions if needed

Open-TMXTestScenario -Id maths;
[string]$modeName = 'in the Scientific mode';
calculateExpression $modeName; # in the Scientific mode

# test reports are still ugly!!!
Export-TMXTestResults -As HTML -Path C:\1\calc_result.htm

After all, what is the answer? Okay, to choose the answer is 2 or 3 is not our mission. We only tested it, without the ambition to solve the mathematical problem…


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