(MS) UIAutomation: what are profiles (modes) and how to deal with them? Part 1

Task: demonstrate how to change the module settings in a bunch.

Task #2: provide an explanation what settings are.

Requirements: describe profiles and describe individual settings.

Solution: the UIAutomation module has a range of settigns. You can easily print them by running the following cmdlet:


The output provides you with a number of variables, some tell you something by their names, some don’t. Below are these settings:

C:\Users\Administrator> Show-UIAModuleSettings

Timeout settings:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::Timeout = 20000

Error collection settings:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::MaximumErrorCount = 256

Common actions:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnErrorAction =
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnSleepAction =
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnSuccessDelay =

Screenshot settings:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnErrorScreenShot = False
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::ScreenShotFolder = C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp

Log settings:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::Log = True
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::LogPath = C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\UIAutomation.log

Debugging delays:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnClickDelay = 0
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnErrorDelay = 500
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnSleepDelay = 0
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnSuccessDelay = 500

Transcript settings
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::TranscriptInterval = 200

Highlighter settings:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::Highlight = True
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::HighlighterBorder = 3
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::HighlighterColor = Color [Red]

What is what here? First of all, there is the need to mention also profiles (modes. Now, there is no decision on how to call them better :)).

Out of the box, you have the Presentation profile being set:

[UIAutomation.Mode]::Profile = [UIAutomation.Modes]::Presentation

This is colorful and not very fast. This is the face of the module: somebody downloads the module, tries to work with and shows to somebody else. The first thing the module should do well is to be accepted by the public. Why? Without the consumers, how should it progress?
Therefore, the first stage of the module life-cycle is being in the hands of newcomers (to the module). A tester, an IT manager or their boss(es), even the tester does through the newcomer stage.
Here comes the presentation mode: highlighting, half a second’s delays on every actions. Just to recline in the chair and watch the anime on the screen. Let’s explain these four settings:
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnClickDelay = 0
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnErrorDelay = 500
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnSleepDelay = 0
[UIAutomation.Preferences]::OnSuccessDelay = 500
If the cmdlet finished successfully (returned a control or called a pattern), it sleep for five hundred milliseconds. The time the spectators can use for exhaling and moving eyes.
If the cmdlet fails, it waits for 500 milliseconds, giving you the chance to stop the presentation or to continue if it’s not critical.
ONClickDelay is used in Win32 click cmdlets like Invoke-UIAControlClick and Invoke-UIAControlContextMenu.
OnSleepDelay is used in specific cases as if your host is overloaded and there is no reason to try to get an AutomationElement without a delay.
When you are debugging the script, the Debug mode is much more useful. It sleep a second after the success and five seconds after a failure.
When you are leaving the office and the script will work unattended, set the Normal mode, where there are no delays at all.
Moreover, all the settings, delays and others, you are allowed to change manually.
Homework: try to play with profiles (modes). Change individual settings. Observe, what are results. Change modes over any individual settings were done. Try change them in any combination.


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