(MS) UIAutomation: using the script recorder

Task: start working with the script recorder.

Requirements: to be able to work with the recorder from the command line.

Solution: The script recorder is the cmdlet that was in the framework from almost its commencement. In fact, how to write the code? The scripter needs to have the following:
– a tool for recognizing AutomationID, ControlType and Name of controls that are under test
– a tool that can inform about supported patterns
– knowledge about cmdlets and parameters, some experience with the framework
– log problems

A tester needs significantly more:
– a way to get and store test results
– detailed log
– saving screenshots on any situation when it’s required
– custom parameters (the need to parametrize as much as possible to multiply the tests)

The script recorder helps in the needs of the scripter. The needs of a tester are resolved in the framework by different means. Issue the following command:

Start-UIARecorder -NoClassInformation -NoUI -NoScriptHeader -WriteCurrentPattern -Seconds 60

Now you can move the mouse cursor to the controls of your interest, performs actions like clicks and editing the text. The script recorder is far away of being finished, nevertheless its help may be very useful.
Remember that for now it records all it managed to record without separation from unnecessary windows and controls. Nevertheless, it might help at least in syntax.


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