(MS) UIAutomation: performing a Win32 click on a VMware guest

Task: explain how to make your UI test script working in the VMware environment.

Requirements: provide scripters with recommendations.

Solution: sometimes you need to do a specific click. It might happen if a control does not support InvokePattern (thus, there’s no Invoke-UIA[ControlType]Cmdlet or there IS a cmdlet, but the control does not support the InvokePattern on its own). Usually it is not a problem: we have a Win32 click (Invoke-UIAControlClick) and cmdlets based on this click (Invoke-UIAControlContextMenu).

All of a sudden you may notice that surprisingly your click does not work. You are running the script on a VMware guest and the problem is that the cursor refuses positioning. In other words, the API function SetCursorPos does not work.

Theoretically, there might be used OpenInputDesktop, SetThreadDesktop and similar stuff. However, there is a much simplier way: just uninstall VMware Pointing device. With losing a bit of comfort, you’ll get your script working.


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